Friday, March 20, 2015

Test Prep Resources from the Secondary Mathlete

Chances are you are either in the middle of testing season or you are preparing for it. The Secondary Mathletes are here to help!

 Check out these fabulous resources to help your students review, get inspired and stay excited about math even during the most stressful time of year!
  • In my store I have a bunch of Common Core aligned reviews and assessments, as well as generic review packets for 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade! You can grab them by clicking on the grade level that applies to you! 

  • Miss Math Dork has relays that provide students with a fun way to review skills. Check out her blog post about them HERE

  • Kate from To The Square Inch has just posted a 6th Grade Math Test Prep Task Cards and Recording Sheets resource. You can grab it HERE!

  • Danielle from Live Love Math has a bunch of 6th grade (and a few 5th grade) STAAR test prep items. You can see them all HERE!

  • Jennifer from 4mulaFun has a large collection of Task Cards to help your students review in a variety of different ways! Check out what she has to offer HERE

  • Elizabeth over at Hodges Herald has some posters to help keep your students inspired and ready to work! Grab them HERE

  • Secondary Math Shop has some great quick reference sheets for the second semester of Geometry. You can check them out HERE

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Teachers Helping Teachers

What happens when hundreds of wonderful TpT sellers decide to help a fellow teacher in need?

A MASSIVE fundraiser happens! 
That's what!

We call it Teachers Helping Teachers, and it came about after TpT teacher-authors heard the story of Diana Salmon, a New York teacher who lost a leg in a tragic hit and run accident.

Diana is an inspiration to all who know her, sending a message of strength and resilience by returning to the classroom just months after the accident.

Unfortunately, the extensive injuries Diana sustained require an expensive bionic knee for her to be at her dynamic best. This is where Teachers Helping Teachers comes in.

Diana's fundraising store, Bionic Teacher, is now the home of TEN limited edition resource bundles promising HUGE savings to all who purchase one. There is a bundle for everyone, and they all contain the most amazing products from top sellers! Best yet, 100% of the profits go to Diana's fund!

Visit Bionic Teacher, download the freebie for Diana's Story, and take a look at the bundles. You will be happy you did!

If you would like more information about Diana, click HERE!

To contribute to her Go Fund Me account, click HERE!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coffee Line Discussions

Successful teacher conferences need many key ingredients. Great presentations, quality exhibits, and good coffee! This morning while waiting in the coffee line at the SCAMLE Conference, I found myself drawn to the different conversations around me. Every single person in line was an educator. Every single person was discussing something related to their jobs. 

Not one single person was talking about their students or some fabulous activity/lesson they did in class. 

What teachers are talking about in the coffee line:
  • Professional Development. Teachers need professional development. Education grows and changes almost yearly it seems so it makes sense that teachers need to grow and change as well. What doesn't make sense is the need to get more professional development as a means to "get out of the classroom." If all teachers are trying to get out of the classroom, what does that say about education today? It seems as though many teachers are trying to grow not as teachers, but as specialists and administrators and coordinators. Why? So they can leave the classroom and do something else. There is something not right here. Teachers use to LOVE to teach. Now it seems like that isn't always the case. Why? See my next point. 
  • Data. I was in line for coffee for 30 minutes. It was an early morning and a long line. The two teachers in front of me discussed methods of data collection and analysis for all 30 minutes. Assess this, track this, group by this... What about the kids? What about the instruction? Teaching used to be about helping our students grow. Not tracking their data and grouping them by race, socioeconomic status and gender. What about the kid who didn't pass the mandated test but has greatly improved their behavior this year. The kid who didn't pass the test but has completely 100% of his homework this year as opposed to 15% last year. That is the data that should matter, yet that is the data that isn't measured. 
  • Salary. Insert sigh here. Chances are, if you are currently in education, your salary has been frozen at some point. This is SUCH an issue for teachers everywhere and unfortunately, an issue that doesn't look to have a solution coming soon. One teacher was talking about her change from an administration role to a specialist role. This change resulted in a lower salary for her (despite having the same degrees). She LOVES what she's doing now but the pay cut has hurt her family. Her husband, also a teacher, works a part time job FIVE NIGHTS a week after teaching to help supplement the pay cut she took when she left administration. She's considering going back into a position she didn't love because of the money. It's a shame to hear someone consider leaving a job they love because it isn't financially benefitting their family.

Monday, March 2, 2015

ePIc Pi Day Giveaway!

Hello! Remember me? February was a crazy month for our family. My son had pneumonia and a "little project" at my grandma's house turned into a 3 week complete bath and kitchen renovation due to rotting wood and mold. Everything is back in order {for now} so hopefully I'll be back to blogging this month! 

I'm coming back with a pretty fabulous giveaway hosted by 4mulaFun! Over $314 worth of great items {mostly fabulous gift cards} are up for grabs! Scroll through the rafflecopter below and enter to win all 31 awesome prizes! The giveaway is open until midnight central time on 3/13.  Be sure to check out 4mulFun's blog each day this week for guest posts about awesome Pi Day Activities! I'm the guest poster over there today so check it out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Introducing... The Secondary Mathletes!

Ever notice that the internet is flooded with elementary math ideas, but that finding quality secondary materials is virtually impossible.... LOOK NO FURTHER! I'd love to introduce you to the

Secondary Mathletes! mathlete image 9


Live.Love.Math - Danielle Krantz
Grades 5 - 9
TpT Store

lindsay perro
Lindsay Perro
Grades 6 - 9
TpT Store

MissMathDork - Jamie Riggs
Grades 4 - Algebra I
TpT Store

Nautical Blog Button
Lessons With Coffee - Jameson Ivey
Grades 5 - 8
TpT Store

4mulaFun - Jennifer Smith-Sloane
Grades 4 - 9
TpT Store

All Things Algebra - Gina Wilson
Grades 6 - 11
TpT Store

secondary math workshop
Secondary Math Shop
Grades 8 - 12
TpT Store

to the square inch
To the Square Inch - Kate Bing Coners
Grades 4 - 9
TpT Store

Teaching Math By Hart
Grades 5 - 8
TpT Store

teaching high school math
Teaching High School Math - Jennifer Lamb
Grades 6 - 12
TpT Store

Hodges Herald - Elizabeth Hodges
Grades 5 - 8
TpT Store

21st century
21st Century Math Projects - Clint Clark
Grades 6 - 12
TpT Store

scaffolded science and math
Scaffolded Math and Science - Shana Donohue
Grades 8 - 11
TpT Store

for the love of teaching math
For the Love of Teaching Math - Andrea Kerr
Grades 6 - 12
TpT Store

rundes room
Runde's Room - Jennifer Runde
TpT Store

math station central
Math Stations Central - Adrienne Meldrum
TpT Store  

While you are out looking at some new Mathletes in your grade level (and hopefully adding some great things to your wishlist), what are you looking for in resources? How can we help your further your teaching at the secondary level? We'd love to here from you HERE!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Super Secondary Super Hero Teachers!

We got together and collaborated for the TPT Site-Wide Sale! Get your wish lists loaded up and then empty them during the ONE DAY sale on Wednesday, February 25th! Most stores are discounted 20%. Combine that with the TPT Site Wide 10% discount (use code HEROES) and you can save up to 28% on mostly everything in our stores!

All of these fabulous Super Secondary Stores will be on sale!

Danielle Knight (Study All Knight) 
The Classroom Sparrow
Michele Luck's Social Studies 
Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy

Mad Science Lessons 
Juggling ELA
Krystal Mills - Lessons From The Middle 
Teaching High School Math 
To the square inch- Kate Bing Coners 
Charlene Tess 
Pamela Kranz
The Creative Classroom

Kristin Lee
Mrs. Brosseau's Binder 
James Whitaker's SophistThoughts

Darlene Anne
ELA Everyday
Lessons With Coffee
Teaching FSL
Room 213
Liz's Lessons 
21st Century Math Projects

The SuperHERO Teacher
Science Stuff 
Kate's Classroom Cafe 
A Space to Create

Addie Williams 
Created by MrHughes

Leah Cleary
Secondary Solutions
All Things Algebra
Tracee Orman
Live Love Math

Ruth S.

2 Peas and a Dog
FisherReyna Education
Rachel Friedrich
Linda Jennifer
For the Love of Teaching Math
The Career Ready Teacher 

Mrs S's Health and PE Resources

Saturday, February 21, 2015

FREE Secondary eBooks!

Have you checked out the newest round of Secondary eBooks? I'm so excited to have worked with Brain Waves InstructionGetting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy, and Literary Sherri to bring you this round of four FREE secondary eBooks! Each book is filled with tips and resources from 30 different TPT Sellers! Each seller has included one “get-to-know-a-bit-about-me” page as well as a ready to use right now FREE resource! Each book includes 30 free resources you can print and use immediately in your classroom! In addition to the freebies, you'll also get links to over 100 high-quality resources in each book! 

Thank you to the organizing team who made this project possible, all the contributors who made these eBooks such a super resource for teachers, and to Jackie from Room 213 for designing the beautiful cover pages!

The eBooks are categorized into ELAMathScience, and Humanities(Social Studies, Foreign Language, Arts, and even more ELA). Take a look . . . maybe you’ll discover a few new sellers!


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